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Video Entry Systems in Blackwood

Mr Locks Video Entry System

Locksmiths Blackwood Install Video door entry systems to residential blocks of flats, playgroups, retail premises, offices, Schools, and Industrial units in the Blackwood area. Occasionally we are also asked to install video entry systems in customers homes.

Typically a video door entry system will consist of a dual buzzer and camera console mounted on a wall next to a main entrance door. A caller will press the buzzer which then calls a telephone unit inside the property. The person inside can then pick up the telephone handset and speak to the caller on the outside, the telephone unit also has a screen on it that displays a video image of the caller.

If they decide to allow the caller to enter the property, they push a release button on the telephone handset and this will then activate an electronic door release and allow the caller access to the property.

The door release unit could be in the form of an electronic receiver for use with Yale or mortise latch type locks. On Commercial property it would typically be a door magnet mounted towards the top of the door.

Mr Locks Video Code Entry System

These systems are normally powered by a 12v AC or DC transformer which is connected to the mains.

Video door entry systems provide an enhanced means of access control in blocks of flats, businesses and also in peoples homes, because you can see the face of the caller and speak to them before granting access and is now becoming the benchmark in access control.

Video entry systems are also available combined with a code entry system. This would allow employees for instance to enter a code and gain entrance. But visitors would need to press the buzzer and be screened by a receptionist before being allowed entrance.

So if you need any type of video door entry system in Blackwood, Call Mr Locks your local Blackwood Master Locksmiths free on 01495 788314. Mobile users can also call on 07976 961473.